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About Us


Sefmetzstone is the Indonesian Natural Stone exporter that offer premium quality natural stones for your home exterior or interior design. Sefmetzstone provides a wide range of product materials that undergoes strict quality control and cleaning process.

From eye-catching natural stones to subtle homogenic and elegant stones, we have the options that will meet all of your design creativity and application needs that exceed your expectations. All of our Indonesian natural stones are sourced from the trusted high quality stone miner from quaries spread across the islands of Indonesia.

Sefmetzstone - Our company has been in the business of exporting Indonesian natural stone for more than 20 years. Our expertise is proven, we handle export delivery to Asian countries, America and to European countries. As the world is getting more and more concern with nature, the theme “Nature” is also getting popular amongst the modern and contemporary home designers, this is where Sefmetzstone products took the part to bring the beauty of Indonesian natural stone to modern contemporary and tropical homes across the world. Our work will be all about bringing quality standards from the first stage where we sort the raw materials, processing stage, packing and dispatch.


To be the first choice for Indonesian Natural stones that known for it’s reputation for quality and uniqueness.


We will always bring value in every project, establish a long and firm business relation to the International market, to be the supplier that is reliable, consistent and honest.

Company Culture

We believe that with our good culture, we will bring sustainability to both our existance and our relationship with our customers around the world.

We assess, audit and we inspect ourselves before the others do so. We have pride in all the things that we do and we hold ourselves responsible for all the actions that we do.

Our aim is to put customer’s success above all. We believe that we will have to bring profit to our customers in order for us to be successful

We wil do what we need to do precisely, and we don’t tolarate defects and mistakes on our sides. We will be fully responsible as consequences to all our actions.


If you need further information regarding marble, granite, mossaic tile and any other variety of Monalisa products, our customer service will be ready soon to provide further product consultation. Please fill in the inquiry form below, our sales representative will contact you soon.